Wild & Stone products are all plastic-free

Plastic waste is junking up the ocean. Many companies and individuals are finding ways to help reduce the levels of waste by creating brand new products out of recycled plastic waste. Meanwhile, more and more waste is being created every day. Wild & Stone is working on a more permanent solution: replacing single-use plastic altogether.

Wooden utensil set

Wild & Stone’s catalog of items contains a selection of personal care and baby items, all of which are sustainably produced, ethically sourced and CO2 neutral. The company has sold more than 100,000 products.

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Reusable razors with exchangeable blades

There are more than 80 different products available through Wild & Stone. The company plans to introduce 30 new products to the line in the near future. Currently, the product line includes: shaving razors, metal straws in various sizes, toothbrushes, a reusable coffee cup and more. Yes, it’s all plastic-free.

To really address the plastic waste problem that’s causing such big environmental issues, the plastic has to be removed out of the equation. New products made in different materials are the best way to fill the market with alternatives to plastic that can help reduce the amount of waste created and subsequently swept into the oceans.

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Plastic has become a huge part of everyday life. You’ve probably touched at least five items made of plastic this very day. It’s everywhere. Plastics are typically made from oil, which is bad enough, but the real problem is that it does not biodegrade. Little pieces of plastic will continue to litter the planet for many, many centuries into the future, even if plastic production completely grinds to a halt tomorrow.

Around 400 million tons of plastic are created every year, about 40% of which is single-use plastic that is thrown away, according to BBC. A lot of plastics can’t be recycled and a lot of this trash created by plastic ends up in oceans. By 2050, all the plastic in the ocean will weigh more than every single fish in the ocean. Animals such as turtles and seabirds get caught in plastic or attempt to eat it. Plastic kills 100,000 sea animals every year.

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The cost of plastic is steep. Companies like Wild & Stone are taking steps to start evening out that debt.

“It feels incredible to know we’ve left this world a little bit better off than before, but there is so much more work to be done,” said Wild & Stone Founder Kathryn Jonas.

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