USW Cybersecurity Academics receive Google Award for Advancing Research on Cloud-based Technologies for Teaching IoT Security

The search engine giant is investing in cutting-edge research to be conducted in the Department of Cyber Security, with which it will be able to promote teaching and research initiatives in pursuit of Internet of Things security and virtualization in the cloud.

The research on the Internet of Things (loT) security at the University of South Wales, recently received support through Dr. Ahmed Elmesiry, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Cyber Security, who successfully obtained a generous award from Google, that will contribute to focusing the research on cloud-based technologies for teaching Internet of things security.
This project involves a team led by Dr. Ahmed Elmesiry and Prof. Eric Llewellyn, deputy head of school computing, engineering, and science. The project aims to solve problems associated with IoT security and virtualization in the cloud. During the next 12 months, the academic team will engage in research and development activities to carry out cutting-edge technology on Google’s cloud platform.

“I am very excited and delighted that Google is supporting our research,” said Dr. Elmesiry. “Google has always been very good at supporting innovative research. I hope to be able to do more work of this kind, and thus help improve people’s daily lives, “he added.