Transforming Black + White: October Roundup + Music Playlist

October is swiftly coming to an end so we’re revisiting our month-long dive into classic black + white. Black and white spaces are dramatic, modern and sleek, never going out of style, instead living through trends as they come and go. The contrasting color scheme makes any room feel clean and dynamic, whether you’re living in a modern home or a traditional farmhouse. The classic palette creates a cool vibe everyone will love and feel at home in. Put your feet up and listen to our Old Skool Cool playlist on Spotify while we take a look back at these posts celebrating monochromatic design.

modern living room with black and white furnishings

Photo: Ema Peter

Falken Reynolds Designs a Home With a Canadian Nordic Aesthetic
Design Milk virtually visited Canada, Vancouver specifically, to check out the latest project from Falken Reynolds. The Westside House beautifully displays a black and white palette, along with shades of grey, that result in a curated Canadian Nordic aesthetic that’s cozy yet fresh.

white clock with black hands and faceted face

10 Timeless Black + White Accessories to Modernize Your Home
Next, we took you shopping for inspiration to help modernize your own home with black and white decor. Sharing 10 timeless home accessories, we shared attainable ideas and ideal pieces to start with so you can turn your space into something more sleek and dynamic.

modern entryway with red door and black squiggle wallpaper and wood stool

Temporary Digs? Try Bold Black + White Removable Wallpaper From Tempaper
For those not able to do full-on makeovers to acquire their ultimate aesthetic or for people renting their homes, Tempaper is a great resource for changing up your walls temporarily. Get the look and feel of modern wallpaper, but when you’re bored of it or moving out, simply peel it off with no damage to the walls. They have a great selection of black and white patterns, from tame to BOLD and everything in between, that will have you transforming your space into a chic, classic abode.

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