These Racecars Have Built-In Air-Powered Jacks for Fast Tire Changes

Every millisecond counts in a pit stop, which is why some racecar manufacturers have installed air jacks on their cars. When an air hose is attached to a port on the vehicle, four metal cylinders—typically at the corners of the car, or in a diamond configuration—shoot out of the bottom, raising the car off of the ground. (The system adds about six pounds of weight to the vehicle, but the speed trade-off apparently makes it worth it.)

You don’t have to watch this entire compilation of air jack moments, seeing just a few will give you the idea:

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I would like a set of these…on my riding mower. It would make it a lot easier to blast the underside of the deck with a pressure washer.

If you’re curious as to how these work, Jalopnik got racecar mechanic Bozi Tatarevic to explain it in a non-embeddable video here.