The Hortensia Armchair by Moooi: A Dream Seat That Bloomed Into Reality

“What would be the softest place on earth to lay your head to rest?” For designer Andrés Reisinger, that answer was a blossoming Hortensia, a voluminous flower characterized by its blooming pink pompoms. Together with friend and textile designer Júlia Esqué, Reisinger brought his dream to life starting with a 3D rendering that went viral on social media. Multiple inquiries turned the 3D rendering into a limited edition chair in 2019. However, Reisinger and Esqué wished for the armchair to be widely available but was told it couldn’t be done. Now, through their partnership with Moooi, the Hortensia Armchair has become a reality.

Made up of over 30,000 laser-cut petals, the Hortensia Armchair gives the user the feeling of sitting in a flower. Its curved silhouette and pastel color way further accentuates the dreamy experience. Each chair is accompanied with The Button, Moooi’s digital proof of authenticity that uses NFC-technology to make counterfeiting impossible.