The Best Modern Gift Ideas for the Minimalist

“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.” This quote by visual designer Nicholas Burroughs perfectly sums up our holiday gift guide for the minimalist in your life. If you know someone who appreciates streamlined designs, simple forms and clean aesthetics, we’re willing to bet they would appreciate these items from our Minimalist collection:

minimalist planter

Platform Planters Contemporary Set by Tortuga \ $131
These concrete planters show that minimalism doesn’t need to be boring. The geometric shapes are a fun alternative to the typical cylinder planters and really let the material speak for itself.

minimalist bracelet

Teardrop Bracelet by Flavia Bennett \ $70
To the average person, this might seem like too simple of a design, but to the minimalist, it sparks joy. The teardrop shape and the point when the ends meet are details that are just enough for a minimalist to keep this bracelet interesting.

minimalist water bottle

A5 Memobottle by Memobottle \ $36
We love this gift idea for the cool coworker in your life, the one who arrives to meetings in effortless outfits and a leather padfolio contributing the most creative ideas to the brainstorm. They would appreciate this slim water bottle that takes up almost no space and is easily portable for those meetings.

minimalist steamer

Cirrus No. 2 Steamer by Steamery \ $130
For the traveler in your life who’s always jet setting to the nicest destinations, staying in the coolest boutique hotels, and travels with impeccable luggage, this steamer would be a great addition for their trips. Founded in Denmark, Steamery brings Scandinavian aesthetics to the ubiquitous steamer, except Steamery created a hybrid product between a steamer and an iron, so you can choose to create a pressed or more natural look where the fibers are lifted by the steam to regain the garment’s natural shape.

minimalist bird feeder

Dish of Desire Bird Feeder by ROIJÉ \ $155
Trust us when we say, it’s extremely difficult to find a modern bird feeder, so for a gardener or someone who likes to spend their time outdoors and doesn’t yet have one because they haven’t been able to find one that aligns with their aesthetics, this would be an amazing gift. Don’t forget to pack a side of bird feed!

minimalist art

Palace Woodblock Print by Block Shop Textiles \ $120
Art can be very hit or miss but you can’t go wrong with woodblock prints from Block Shop. You’ve most likely seen them before in interior design features. The handmade element makes them special (every print is hand block printed by a woman-run printmaking studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan) and the abstract shapes and designs allow these prints to easily blend into any modern home – especially a minimalist’s.

minimalist oil carafe

Oil/Vinegar Carafe by Eva Solo \ $55
Know someone who likes to cook but keeps their kitchen clean, modern and updated? This is the perfect addition to their countertop and they don’t even know it yet. Designed with a no drip spot that catches run offs, the carafe will elevate that everyday moment of reaching for your cooking oil, making cooking enjoyable rather than just necessary.

minimalist teapot

Kyusu Teapot by Kinto \ $44
Minimalism also has roots in Japanese philosophies and design aesthetics, which is why we love this kyusu. This traditional Japanese teapot has an elongated handle that changes the way you typically pour tea, prompting you to be mindful and present in the moment. Add a container of your favorite loose leaf tea and this is a gift that anyone, minimalist or maximalist, would love to receive.

minimalist floor mat

Sand Rug by Heymat \ $185
On the topic of Japanese-inspired design, this Sand rug is reminiscent of Japanese Zen gardens. While a floor mat isn’t the typical gift, for the new homeowner who is decorating slowly to fill their home intentionally with beautiful items, this would be a wonderful and thoughtful surprise.

minimalist watch

Tide Nue Watch by AÃRK Collective \ $194
Give your minimalist the gift of time with this streamlined unibody watch. Made with Italian leather and a fun wave-form hour hand that is just the right amount of playful, the Tide Nue watch is a beautiful addition to any watch collection.

gift card

Design Milk Gift Card
And if you’re still stuck on what to get the minimalist in your life, a gift card is still the best way to make sure they get exactly what they want.

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