Tesseraux & Partner’s BetteAir shower tiles among new products on Dezeen Showroom

Tesseraux & Partner’s BetteAir shower tiles were designed to create a shower that blends into the floor and are among seven new products featured on Dezeen Showroom this week.

BetteAir shower tiles

BetteAir shower tiles by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette

The BetteAir tiles are made to seamlessly blend glazed-titanium steel shower trays into bathroom floors. The tiles, which are available in eight sizes – including 900 to 900 and 1,400 to 1,000 millimetres – are easy to clean and durable.

BetteAir tiles were featured on Dezeen Showroom this week, alongside products including a surface material made from recycled paper and an oak step stool.

Read on to see the rest of this week’s new products:

A photograph of PaperStone by CDUK

PaperStone surfacing by CDUK

PaperStone by CDUK is a service material made from recycled paper and petroleum-free phenolic resin. It is designed to appear like natural stone and can be used for surfaces, furnishings and bathroom products.

The surface material comes in two sizes and three thicknesses of 6, 13 and 19 millimetres. It is available in 11 different colours.

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A photograph of a step stool

Altura step stool by Patricia Perez for Case Furniture

Altura is a step stool for Case Furniture designed by Patricia Perez to have a “sleek yet sturdy design”.

It has two-stepped tiers to allow a person to reach high places in the home, and can also be used as a side table and plant stand. The stool comes in oak veneer and is available in a natural or black-stained finish.

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Loomi armchair by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti

Loomi armchair by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti

Italian designer Lapo Ciatti has designed the Loomi armchair for Opinion Ciatti with a plump padded seat and wide backrest to ensure comfort and privacy.

A 180-degree swivel table, meant to hold books, laptops and tablets, can be added to the chair. The chair comes in leather or fabric, and its solid oak table can be finished in clear lacquer or black.

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ABIC Anti-Bacterial Ceramics by Vives

ABIC (Anti-Bacterial Ceramics) by Vives

Vives has launched Anti-Bacterial Ceramics, which is intended to give its tile range permanent hygienic protection. The brand says that the ceramic product reduces bacteria reproduction on surfaces and eliminates viruses.

ABIC can be added to a number of Vives’ porcelain wall, floor and exterior tiles, including all of the terrazzo-inspired Pangea collection.

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Type02 storage unit by Tylko in Cotton Beige

Type02 storage range by Tylko

Tylko has increased the number of colours within its Type02 range of customisable storage units, including bookshelves that can be arranged into various patterns.

All products in the range, such as chests of drawers, vinyl storage, shoe racks, bookcases, wardrobes, sideboards and TV stands, are highly customisable through the use of an online configurator.

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Terrazo tile by Dune Ceramica

Dune Ceramica’s Terrazo, a multicoloured and hexagonal-shaped tile, is described by the brand as putting an “urban and colourful” take on terrazzo.

Similar to classic terrazzo, it has a neutral base with colourful spots. The tiles are designed to complement all the hues in Dune Ceramica’s Chicago collection.

Find out more about Terrazo tiles ›

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