Swiss “Tech Minimalist” Design: Edge Physically Connects Your Phone and Accessories to Your Laptop

Swiss “tech minimalist” product design firm Rolling Square has an enormous hit on their hands: Edge, a “modular work from home kit” that allows you to attach your phone, a light (for videoconferencing) and a wireless charger to your laptop, tablet or monitor.

Your phone stays in place thanks to the magnets in its wireless charging coil. If you don’t have a phone with wireless charging, they offer a magnetic ring that you can affix to a phone case.

They do warn that their residue-free “nano suction” pad isn’t meant to be taken on and off often, or it will lose grip; but at less than 5mm thick, it shouldn’t interfere with normal operations if you leave it in place.

The $38 Edge has been a smash hit on IndieGogo, seeking $12 grand but instead landing $130,000+ at press time. And there’s still 30 days left to pledge.

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