So, Full-Face Sunglasses are a Thing

I have no idea if the viability of this product emerged A) because of the pandemic, and an increased willingness for some to cover their faces with a mask or face shield, or B) because Cobra Commander held more cultural cachet than I thought. But full-face sunglasses like these are now being sold on Amazon, eBay and even Etsy.

At least one of the Amazon sellers has over 2,000 reviews for this product, and while there’s no telling how many are fake, there are enough real-seeming ones to indicate these things really exist, and people really are buying them.

My question is, why? I’m sincerely curious as to what the benefit is: Do they block glare better? Are the people buying these hoping to stymie face-rec cameras in public? Is there a perception that these provide protection from the virus? Do people just like the way they look?

Other questions: Where and how do you store these? Do you keep them on when you go to the bathroom? Does it give you a weird tan line? How comfortable is that nose piece, are these not heavy on your face?

These are going for $16 to $18, so maybe it’s just that they’re cheap enough for the curious to roll the dice on them.

If you’ve got answers as to what the draw is, I’m all ears. (And with my ears, if I wore one of these that’s the only feature you’d see.)