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Insurers are investing heavily into data analytics and AI but far too often the outcomes are meaningless. Insurers end up making the wrong decisions based on worthless insights.

Set your golden data source and advanced analytics to eradicate decision making errors from AI’s predictions.

Build a data foundation to ensure you are not wasting money on your AI capabilities.

Join the companies advancing their data capabilities with our industry leading panel:
–    Don Vu (Chief Data Officer, Northwestern Mutual)
–    Tom Fletcher (VP Data Analytics, PartnerRe)
–    Bipin Chadha (VP Data Science, CSAA Insurance Group)
–    Moderator: Bryan Falchuk (Managing Partner, Insurance Evolution Partners)

Bringing us critical insights on three steps to valuable business impact from data:
–    Golden Data Source: Access only the data you need and aggregate to a single source of truth, to give you the best results 
–    Spotlight on Analytics: With your new, quality data stream, turn meaningless numbers into actionable insights utilising analytics technology and human capital
–    Eradicate Decision Making Errors: Enable leadership to make data driven decisions to ensure customer outcomes are met

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