Shinery’s plant-based jewelry cleaner also cleans your hands

Washing your hands is an everyday activity we don’t think about much. Washing your jewelry, on the other ‘hand,’ is something that seems to go on the to-do list yet rarely gets done. Shinery offers an option to do both at the same time.

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Shinery is a company born out of love. When founder Brea Fullerton got engaged and subsequently failed to find a product that would keep her ring sparkling clean on her wedding day or beyond, she developed one with the help of chemists. But Shinery does a few things very differently than the chemical-filled and inconvenient jewelry cleaners on the market.

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Firstly, the cleaners are 100% plant-based. Shinery is proudly transparent, with ingredient lists clearly published under the description of each product. Secondly, the products are easy to use without removing your jewelry. 

There are three primary products in the classic lineup. The first is Radiance Wash, which is a foaming hand wash that cleans jewelry at the same time. The second is Illuminating Pom, a soft buffing pad that brings the shine back to all types of metals. The third is Radiance Towelettes, which is a jewelry wipe for cleaning jewelry while on the go. The company offers these three products in gift combinations and has special packaging for brides leading up to, on, and following their special day.  

According to the company, Shinery offers Radiance Wash as the first combined plant-based hand wash and jewelry cleaner. The ingredients are safe for the skin, all gems, and all types of metals without harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the environment

To the left, a person with their arms outstretched, pointing at a ring on their finger. To the right, a lineup of SHINERY products.

It was important to the Shinery team that the products be plant-based, chemical-free and effective. The product line aims to moisturize the skin in addition to cleaning it. Similarly, Shinery adjusted the formula until it cleaned jewelry without leaving behind streaks or a filmy residue. The primary botanicals used in the cleaners were developed with this idea of being gentle enough for the skin and effective enough to provide a vigorous clean. 

The key ingredient in the Radiance Wash is potassium cocoate, which is the potassium salt of fatty acids from coconut oil. Imagine the time in the lab required to discover that ingredient’s effectiveness at cleaning while adding to the foaming characteristic. Among other ingredients, the potassium cocoate is combined with glycerine, a well-established natural ingredient that locks moisture in with a protective coating on the skin. Another key ingredient found in the towelettes sounds icky with the name decyl glucoside, yet it’s actually a combination of sugar and starch from coconut and glucose.

According to the company, “This gentle, non-irritating, non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic surfactant is responsible for the effortless removal of dirt, oil, beauty buildup and other residues that dull your jewelry’s shine.”

Shinery products launched earlier in 2021 and can be found at, David’s Bridal stores, select Nordstrom stores, and Shinery products are made in the U.S.A.

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Product Review

The company offered to send me a sample product and subsequently provided me with a full bottle of the Shinery Radiance Wash. It arrived quickly, and the packaging for the shipping was all paper and completely recyclable. 

The bottle really is beautiful. It’s not something I ever would have thought about, but it stands out in a very subtle way. Typically, a hand pump is a hand pump like any other hand pump. But the bottle somehow speaks of quality. There’s nothing flimsy about it. I was a bit disappointed to see the bottle appears to be made of a mixed material that is not recyclable. I’d love to see a solution to this in the future. The box is also appealing, with a simple yet elegant label on a white background. 

Both the box and the bottle provide all the essential information for ease of use. And it is as easy as it gets. Simply leave your jewelry on, wet your hands and apply three or four pumps of the Radiance Wash. Give your jewelry an extra rub with the foam and rinse thoroughly just like any other time you wash your hands. 

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In addition to the directions, the box and bottle state the product is non-toxic, ammonia-free, fragrance-free and dye-free. Plus, both contain the full list of ingredients.

My daughter and I both tried the Radiance Wash. I tried to capture before and after pictures, but the details didn’t really come through. My daughter instantly reported a noticeable difference in the look of her ring. At first, she said her hands felt dry. However, after they dried completely she changed her opinion, stating they felt soft. 

I had a similar experience. I wear four rings continuously, so I had an opportunity to see the results on different products. My small gold band lined with small diamonds really sparkles. The gems acquired a notable shine. My cheap silver thumb ring looks like it got an upgrade from its dingy existence. My primary wedding ring has a thick gold band. While the center diamond looks clean and vibrant, the difference to the gold was striking. It’s not quite equivalent to a professional buffing, but it’s a marked improvement. The final ring is Black Hills gold with the tiniest diamond. I wouldn’t say it’s an eye-catching difference, but the diamond itself definitely shines a little brighter. 

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The convenience of not having to remove or soak my jewelry makes it very easy to use and increases the chances of me actually cleaning my jewelry exponentially. The hand wash portion provides a really lovely lather, and my hands are noticeably softer after use. The product seems to do everything it promises to do, and I’d be interested in trying the other products in the lineup.

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