Pool house uses traditional Spain “pedra en sec” design

Casa Fly is a home that mirrors the surrounding Mallorca, Spain landscape and culture. Finished in 2020, it offers expansive views embracing quintessential small coastal town appeal. 

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An infinity pool that reaches off the edge of the lot

Designed by beef architekti studio, the planning began with a reflection of traditional building techniques in the area, specifically the act of dry stone stacking known as pedra en sec. The process is seen throughout the surrounding area for fencing and retaining walls, and the stones used are sourced from a local quarry. It’s so distinctive, the process was declared as an intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018.

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A kitchen area that has a sliding area and brick walling

In addition to the visual appeal, the pedra en sec is a natural stone material. Additionally, it provides passive cooling in the summer and retains heat in the winter. 

A sliding window allows for shading and privacy when needed

The house is also equipped with several passive design features for natural ventilation, including skylights that open and windows placed for optimal cross ventilation and natural light. Windows allow shading from the concrete slabs surrounding them. The eye-catching wooden shutters across the windows fold for easy opening and closing, and further control heat and light. 

Dining table has lamps hanging from above it in a wooden walled area

For the interior design, the team selected a neutral background across the space, placing the emphasis on the custom-made furnishings. They relied heavily on wood, local stone and concrete throughout the space. They accented using wooden lamelas adjacent to the staircase, handmade ceramic pendant lights above the dining table and an abstract bronze angel in the entrance hall.

A bathtub sits with a floor-to-ceiling window in front of it

As further evidence of passive design, the home has a complete focus on the surrounding landscape. The lower level pulls the eyes across the trees and toward the ocean, while the upper level directs the gaze into the nearby city. An infinity pool in the backyard allows for a soak in the water beneath the stars or afternoon sun.

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