PANGEA Movement’s Eco-jacket uses 100% recycled materials

The PANGEA Movement is all about the planet in more than just name. It is a company with a focus on green design products and a dedication to using proceeds from sales to rid the Earth’s waterways of plastic and other pollution. 

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The newest eco-friendly product from the brand is called the Eco-jacket. More than aiming for net-zero, PANGEA is aiming for a net-positive result. With each Eco-jacket sale, the company uses its resources to pull 68 lbs. of trash from rivers, and 68 lbs. of carbon dioxide are offset from the environment.

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PANGEA’s Eco-Jacket is made from 100% recycled materials. Rather than requiring virgin plastics, the garment uses 56 recycled plastic bottles. Even the zipper pulls are made from recycled materials. It also incorporates recycled polyester, eco-friendly dyes and myriad waterproof pockets to protect your cargo.

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The Eco-Jacket is made with a focus on long-term use in a fight against fast fashion. It’s portable, lightweight, breathable, and it compacts down into a pouch that fits in your hand. It has hidden pockets, cinching cuffs, a drawstring hood and reflective stripes, catering to everything from an early morning jog to a weekend backpacking trip.

To the left, two people in a forest. To the right, a person putting up the hood of their jacket while standing in front of a waterfall.

From there, it includes modern innovations like a matching, detachable face mask, built-in gloves and even a foldable flap that acts as a seat protector you can lay out on the bleachers at the game or a stump on the trail. Although using recycled materials exempts virgin materials from the process, the microplastics released during washing are still a problem, so the jacket also comes with a microfiber-trapping laundry bag.

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The durable and versatile design serves as a staple for any wardrobe. If there ever is a problem, the company offers free repairs or replacements with a lifetime warranty. 

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PANGEA takes its role seriously in the effort to be eco-minded throughout the manufacturing process. The company not only fixates on upcycling, but the factory is solar-powered, and employees are treated ethically. 

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The PANGEA Movement was founded by fellow backpackers Marcos, William and Juan, who met on the trail and shared sadness over the pollution they witnessed. After an initial foray into beach cleanups, the team discovered a more efficient means of stopping ocean pollution at the source — rivers. 

To the left, a person wearing a black jacket. To the right, a person with the hood up on their jacket.

With this knowledge, the company centered its message on funding river barriers on the world’s 1,000 most polluted rivers. It reports, “By the end of the PANGEA’s Eco-Jacket KS campaign they will have reduced ocean plastic by approximately 80% in 1% of the world’s 1,000 dirtiest rivers- eliminating more rivers from the list of “world’s dirtiest rivers” than any other company in history.”