The main aim of the workshops has been to design a capsule collection of few outfits directly inside the three enterprises, through a co-design activity oriented towards the enhancement of the methodology exchange between the company and tutors. The activity intended to demonstrate, in a practical way and on a local area, which are the needed design actions for the project of an apparel collection.

Another important objective has been to design starting from the typical elements of Yucatán, as identitary and highly recognizable, in order for the product to be linked with the Yucatán territory without being associated with the common souvenir.

The intercultural experience involving an external designer with the local productive reality is crucial to understand the peculiarities of the territory and the features of the way-of-doing things, to value the product and the existing design methodologies.


16th July 2018


14th July 2018

Aleph Fashion Industries

16th June 2018