Diseño Yucatán creates design innovation services for companies, entities and institutions.

The experience of POLI.design with Diseño Yucatán allows the creation of complex innovation services for companies, bodies and institutions in Yucatan.

The centre acts as a facilitator for the creation of different types of projects which go from audit design (analysis of the innovative design potential of companies), to design workshops (codesign activities for the definition of innovative product concepts), to strategic design projects (strategic consultancy for the company’s innovation and the definition of new markets), to the design of services (for the transition from a logic of product innovation to that of services), to branding, to interaction design.

Projects may concern single companies or whole business systems and be carried out at a distance or face-to-face.

Diseño Yucatán intends to promote design innovation in Yucatán companies, bodies and institutions. It is possible to experiment with an innovative form of advice through the book your design expert service which will allow you to begin a dialogue with a POLI.design consultant to start processes for design innovation and/or specific consultancy.




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  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Universities
  • Chambers
  • Entities

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