Nuvolato Architop finish by Ideal Work

Dezeen Showroom: Ideal Work‘s Nuvolato Architop finish gives any surface the appearance of concrete with an application just three millimetres thick.

A blend of cement and other ingredients, Nuvolato Architop offers a way to refresh a space or restore floors without demolition or extensive renovation.

Nuvolato Architop finish by Ideal Work
Nuvolato Architop creates the appearance of concrete over existing floors

It can be applied to any solid, prepared substrate, including concrete, ceramic, marble or sand-cement screeds, and creates a three-to-four-millimetre coating that causes no change to slab level.

Ideal Work suggests using Nuvolato Architop to bring “brutalist charm” to industrial-style lofts, public areas, exhibitions and commercial spaces.

Nuvolato Architop finish by Ideal Work
A cloudy surface effect is optional

The finish comes in 29 standard colours, and there is the option to add a cloud effect typical to aged concrete. The level of clouding can be customised by Ideal Work.

Nuvolato Architop can also be further treated with coloured chemical stains for even more original finishes. It is highly resistant to wear and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Product: Nuvolato Architop
Designer: Ideal Work
Brand: Ideal Work

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