New AI-powered AC creates an ecosystem inside your house

Canadian Company HAVEN has launched a new AI-powered air quality control system that will manage airflow, temperature and humidity. HAVEN Central Air Controller HVAC helps develop an ecosystem inside an entire house. The system uses smart technology that can automatically detect harmful pollutants inside the house and clear them.  

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Formerly known as TZOA, HAVEN is a Canadian company founded in Vancouver in 2013. CEO Kevin R. Hart said that the latest invention has been necessitated by the bad state of air quality across the world. 

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Box packaging of HAVEN

“Room air purifiers are great for cleaning small spaces such as apartments, yet few know that for average to large-sized homes our existing HVAC systems are the best method for circulating the air and capturing contaminants,” Hart said. “We developed the HAVEN brand and ecosystem to allow any HVAC system to deliver clean air as well as comfort. Today, more than ever, it is essential your home is safe, healthy and free of pollutants.”  

3D rendering image with zoom in boxes of the devise detecting pollutants

The air control gadget uses individually calibrated lasers that scatter light across the moving air to detect harmful particles. In particular, the system can detect the levels of 2.5 particulate matters, which are classified among the most dangerous particles to human health. The system also monitors air quality comfort levels, ensuring that interior humidity and temperatures are ideal for healthy living. The system then provides feedback directly to the user’s phone through an app. It lets you know whether your home needs improved ventilation, filtration or humidity. It also determines the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and provides feedback to your phone for control.

HAVEN device and remote

The HVAC system can also help combat the problem of indoor pollution. Statistics show that 90% of people’s time is spent indoors. If this is the case, getting clean air can help improve human health in all areas. When the system is used, real-time monitoring of air quality can be achieved. The information about air quality is directly delivered to homeowners via the HAVEN IAQ app or to professionals via their web portal.

(Left to right) Display of app on on an iPhone, air quality chart

All the data regarding air quality is transmitted via Wi-Fi to allow for 24/7 monitoring. The app also provides alerts and recommendations. Users can get tips on how to improve humidity without necessarily having to bring in an expert. The system also supports direct interaction between consumers and the technical team.

HAVEN remote powered by Wi-Fi

The design and functioning of the HAVEN air quality system are very different from other AC systems. It is the first smart whole-home air quality solution. Traditionally, smart air quality systems only control small spaces such as one roof in an entire house. With the new system unveiled on October 5th, homeowners can install only one device to have full control over their home’s air quality.

Devise using laser to detect pollutants

Investing in air quality is becoming a must considering the widespread pollution being experienced in the world. According to Will Barrett, the senior director of Clean Air Advocacy for the Lung Association, there are many health effects of air pollution while speaking to reporters in April. Among the identified health risks include coughing, asthma and heart attacks. With proper air quality, we can reduce the chances of such conditions and save lives.

HAVEN remote

Currently, HAVEN has already installed the system in thousands of homes, helping improve the overall air quality. The technology has already been tested and approved by relevant agencies, plus third-party labs such as LMS Technologies Minneapolis and the University of Utah.