Meet Eone – The Modern Watch Brand Championing Inclusive Design

Not all timepieces are created equal. In fact, most failed to accommodate those who are visually impaired, and the alternatives that sprung up in their place – talking and delicate tactile watches – fell short on quality and design. That is until modern watch brand Eone came to be, anyway. When founder Hyungsoo Kim learned of the watch world’s inaccessibility through a friend who is blind, he set out to create an inclusively designed timepiece that serves everyone – and delivers on next-level design in the process. Kim’s thoughtful collaboration with designers and people with vision impairments led to the engineering of a watch unlike anything else out there – a modern and iconic timepiece designed to communicate time through touch rather than only sight. Newly added to the Design Milk Shop, there’s plenty to admire about this trailblazing watch brand, so let’s dive in.

veteran and olympic athlete bradley snyder with his dog sitting on a stoop

Eone’s best-selling model, The Bradley, is named after veteran turned Paralympic athlete and gold-medalist Bradley Snyder – who became blind while defusing bombs in the line of duty.

The hero of the Eone catalog is the Bradley model. Named after veteran turned Paralympic athlete and gold-medalist Bradley Snyder – who became blind while defusing bombs in the line of duty – this line of watches champions the needs of the visually impaired and can be enjoyed by everyone, blind and sighted alike. The best-selling watch collection lets users feel the time thanks to their unique three-dimensional form. Raised lines in varied widths denote the hours and ticking watch hands are reimagined with an innovative magnetic ball bearing system that circles the watch face on a track for minutes and another for the hour. Pretty cool right?

Being able to tell the time in a way that’s accessible and convenient, while core to Eone’s ethos, isn’t enough – the brand wants blind and sighted users to experience ultra-modern design and have options to choose from. The Bradley comes in a variety of styles and finishes, all befit with architectural details and minimalist aesthetic that have become synonymous with Eone. Their newest model, The Switch even has a Kickstarter community rallying behind it and is slated to join the DM shop soon.

The Bradley Element

The Bradley Element

Tested by Tech Editor Gregory Han (find his full review here), the Bradley Element is unique from others on the Eone line up due to the architectural planes that lead up to the raised hour lines, creating alternating high and low impressions across the watch face. Made with a durable, scratch-resistant ceramic and PVD coated – the materials are carefully considered for texture and resilience. The Element’s matte black finish and black stainless steel mesh strap give the watch a sleek and modern edge that’s as stylish as it is functional.


The Bradley Apex

The Bradley Apex

Made for your everyday and any occasion, the Bradley Apex features the brand’s signature raised line notations, on a smooth black ceramic watch face. Italian leather straps give the piece a more casual look and feel and can even be swapped out for others in the brand’s collection for added versatility. The Apex even features a NATO strap, a call back to traditional military styling, that effortlessly loops around the watch to deliver a perfect fit.


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