Lakeview Community turns coal power plant into an eco city

Water channel restoration is only one of the plans underway to turn a former coal power plant into Canada’s most sustainable 15-minute community in Mississauga. Lakeview Community Partners Limited, the developer behind Lakeview Village, is now restoring Serson Creek, an underground buried waterway that runs through the community. The plan is to restore areas for wildlife to live and migrate through the region, alongside building a mixed-use community for residents.

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A stretch of sky rises and buildings along a coastal area

“The Lakeview Village site was once home to the Lakeview Generating Station known as the Four Sisters smoke-stacks, once a place of smog, pollution and environmental degradation until its eventual decommissioning in 2005,” said Brian Sutherland, vice president of development, Argo Development Corporation and development lead for Lakeview Village.

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A city lit up with lights with people meandering around

Can the developers clean up the site and create enough space for wildlife to safely return? Creating a large urban housing development on-site might seem like it has the potential to crowd out wildlife from settling back in the area, but compared with a polluted industrial site, we might be surprised how much nature works its way back into this area.

A water fountain area where kids are playing in the water

“In 2018, we purchased the 177-acre brownfield site and began working with passionate locals on our vision for what this incredible transformation could bring to Mississauga’s waterfront – a vibrant and sustainable mixed-use community with solutions to address climate change, energy resiliency, waste management and mobility challenges,” Sutherland added.

An aerial view of the village sitting against the waters

That’s right. This mini-city is not only thinking about climate change solutions and energy resiliency, but also mobility solutions for residents and sustainable waste management systems.

Construction on a dirt area

Since purchasing the land in 2018, LCPL has begun several initiatives to restore the natural habitat after a period of environmental degradation. The goal is ambitious: to create a site for wildlife migration to return. LCPL excavated and donated over 250,000 tons of concrete to help construct the foundation and breakwater for the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, helping advance the schedule of this multi-year coastal habitat project.

+ Lakeview Community Partners Limited