François Bauchet’s Minimal Monad Bookshelf

This Monad bookshelf, by French industrial designer François Bauchet, relies on simple, fastener-free inter-material joinery for its structure. “Less features,” writes Bauchet, “characterized by avoiding the superfluous, and with a high-quality finish.”

The two epoxy-painted steel uprights have had tabs, roughly shaped like a hand making a thumbs-up, punched into their sides. These tabs are bent inwards 90 degrees. The “fingers” tuck into a slot cut into the underside of each board, while the “thumb” plugs into a hole that’s been drilled a little deeper than the slot.

“I like the idea of economy,” writes Bauchet, “even if economy is ironic here since it lies in the organisation, in the clarity of the design and not in the material.”