Form Follows Function with Gerber’s Shard Multitool

The Gerber Shard must’ve been fun to design, because there’s no established form factor for a multitool like this.

It appears to have been designed as a companion piece for those who already carry a simple pocketknife, and would like the additional features offered by the Shard without purchasing a second knife/multitool that offers those options.

The diminutive Shard offers a Phillips head driver, two sizes of flathead driver and a bottle opener. The “V” between the flathead drivers is intended to be used as a wire stripper; and because that part of the tool is bent, to serve as a pry bar, the “V” could perhaps be used to pry up a nail.

A hole for a lanyard can also be used to attach it to a keyring.

The debossed half-circles are apparently to provide a modicum of grip while using the drivers.

The Shard, which is billed as “airline-safe,” runs $7.