Flow Pollinator House is a limited-edition honey bee home

Buzz into a healthier bee population with the addition of a limited-release shelter option, available only in the United States. The Flow Pollinator House not only benefits bee populations in your yard, but the proceeds also support advocacy groups across the country.

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Two people sitting in front of a Flow Pollinator House.

The Flow Pollinator House is offered by the father/son duo who brought us Flow Hive, which started in 2015 with the help of a crowdfunding campaign to aid in the launch. Flow Hive is an innovative approach to honey harvesting that is less stressful to the bees and their keeper. It features a mechanism that simply releases the honey straight into jars without the hassles typically associated with the harvest. 

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A Flow Pollinator House surrounded by flowers.

The process of making the Flow Hive results in cutoff waste, so the company decided it was time to make use of it. Upcycling the sustainably sourced bamboo and salvaged Araucaria timber from the production of the Flow Hive models resulted in the development of the Flow Pollinator House. The house offers protection for hard-working native solitary nesting bees. It encourages them to work nearby, pollinating gardens, flowers and other plants in the vicinity. The Flow Pollinator House comes flat-packed as a DIY kit, complete with everything you’ll need to build it. You can create a custom format by choosing how to arrange the wood tubes and design the exterior to your liking with stain or paint. 

A yellow/orange Flow Pollinator House.

Because the house kits originate from leftover wood materials, there are a limited number of Flow Pollinator Houses for the season. They can make a great gift for the gardener, nature lover or advocate in your life. Plus, the product line is a benefit program with the company committing to donate 100% of all proceeds to U.S.-based pollinator advocacy, education, and protection groups. 

A tower of honey jars next to a Flow Pollinator House.

“The honey bee is one of 19,000 bee species in the world that are essential to pollination and life on this planet as we know it,” said Cedar Anderson, CEO and founder of Flow Hive. “We created this upcycled pollinator home to provide a safe place for solitary bees to raise their young, while offering our customers a fun, family-friendly project to build together. By creating this habitat in your backyard, together we are building the stepping stones across the urban landscape which may just help save some of these important species from the brink of extinction.”

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