Coast outdoor fabric by Ultrafabrics

Dezeen Showroom: textile manufacturer Ultrafabrics has launched a new durable fabric called Coast that combines indoor style with outdoor performance.

The high-performance Coast fabric has been engineered to withstand the elements and deflect against surface pathogens such as mildew and bacteria.

It also boasts UV-resistant properties while remaining cool to the touch and is water-resistant, in both chlorinated and salt water.

Sheets of Ultrafabrics' Coast fabrics in sandy brown, teal, light blues and white

Coast underwent rigorous testing to ensure it was durable and resilient in adverse conditions.

Ultrafabrics spent two years monitoring its performance with marine manufacturers who exposed the fabric to sun, water, stains and cleaning agents, as well as examining its durability when used by children and pets.

Rolls Ultrafabrics' Coast fabrics in shades of blue, green and white perched up on a beach

Each colour variation was individually tested to assess their endurance. Amongst the tests conducted were abrasion and weathering tests, in which the fabric was monitored in the dry heat of Arizona and the humid climate of Florida.

In both tests, the fabric maintained its appearance, performance and quality in each environment, with no peeling, cracking or delamination.

Rolls of Ultrafabrics' Coast fabric in blue, green and white perched up on a fence

The Coast fabric is intended to deliver style and comfort for outdoor living and marine applications, as well as commercial spaces.

It has a soft pebble grain and comes in an expansive palette of 15 colours, which were chosen to encapsulate the tranquility and organic beauty of coastlines.

Product: Coast
Brand: Ultrafabrics

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