Chinese hospital’s biophilic design values patient wellness

B+H Architects has just unveiled their design for the new Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital in Zhejiang province in China. It is designed with sustainability and patient wellness in mind. Opened in October 2021, the 500 bed hospital sets a new standard for wellness-oriented healthcare and includes natural ventilation, trees to buffer the facility from road noise and biophilic design in the interior, which brings outdoor growing spaces indoors.

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Large hospital building with multiple other buildings in front of it

The hospital is built around the idea that patient wellness doesn’t just depend on good medical care, but on a connection to non-medical wellness, including fresh air, a peaceful environment, good food and a connection with growing things and the surrounding natural environment.

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Inside seating area with wood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows

Half of the patient rooms in the Integrated Procedures Unit in Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital face south to maximize natural light. Other features include wider hallways for pedestrian comfort, optimized views of the outdoors, temperature and lighting interfaces that patients and their families can control and calming colors throughout the hospital. There is also more comfortable visitor seating and increased walking space around beds and waiting areas.

Resting area with bushes and a ginkgo tree

Additionally, there are spaces specifically designed for families visiting the hospital. A family meeting hub and a lecture hall are designed to foster community in the facility. There are also sunken gardens, rooftop gardens, a restaurant, horizontal and vertical green spaces and a public garden with water features.

A pavilion shot from above in the shape of a heart

Gingko leaf prints are used throughout, along with warm colors and tailored fabrics that complement natural wood and stone for an at-home feel. Materials are environmentally friendly and should exceed the energy savings and air quality standards of China Green Building Two Star sustainable standards.

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