Cheap, durable and natural furniture from PlayWood

Italian design company PlayWood is setting a new standard for sustainable furniture. They have products that are modular, recyclable and built from responsibly-sourced natural materials.

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A desk with a white office chair and a Apple computer on the desk

At the most basic level, PlayWood is wood furniture. However, everything about it challenges the typical waste in the furniture industry, from material selection to the end-of-life disposal. 

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A shelf that is configured into the shape of an X

The birch wood used in the products comes from forests with sustainable certification. PlayWood also incorporates scrap from other industries in an effort to upcycle waste. Production methods guarantee a resulting hypoallergenic and non-toxic product that is safe for everyone, including children. Each product is put through rigid certification to ensure it. 

A shelf next to a wood desk that has an open laptop on it and a white chair in front of it in a white room

The wood is formed into sheets, similar to plywood. From there, the design elements shine. Where typical furniture takes a hard, inflexible form, PlayWood relies on an innovative 3D connector that provides a modular element. Basically, the sheets and connectors can result in endless design variations, so consumers can use and reuse the pieces as a desk, an organizer or a bookcase. 

A children's bedroom with an area against the wall for playing with toys

With this ability to customize and change the use of the materials, PlayWood is produced for a long lifespan. The company’s mission contributes to a slow circular design. It states they “offer high quality products made with passion and respect for tradition by expert craftsmen at an affordable price.”

A bunkbed room but the bottom bunk is a desk

PlayWood products are developed and manufactured by Italian craftsmen in alignment with the next European ecological transition plan guidelines. Inasmuch, they are environmentally friendly and recyclable after a long life. Even the shipping for domestic and international customers guarantees 100% recycled materials and space-saving transport design, resulting in minimal-packaging waste. 

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“PlayWood designs and creates furniture in the name of sustainability to the planet’s well-being,” the company stated. “This is the commitment of PlayWood: hearing the needs of the Earth and of the people.”

A desk with a laptop and a white chair with a coat rack next to it

In addition to a planet-focused process for sourcing materials and designing a multi-use, durable product, PlayWood has streamlined the purchasing model with direct and customizable orders between the company and the customer. PlayWood is also taking the required steps to obtain the B-Corp certification, a certification that affirms the company’s commitment to sustainable practices from the manufacturing to delivery to the consumer.

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