Cat-centric Furniture: A Chair With an Attached Treadwheel

A startup called has designed a chair with an attached treadwheel for cats called The Loveseat.

I cannot fathom why these two things must be attached. The company’s justification doesn’t make any sense to me:

“Pet products are made to serve pets but are placed far away from us in our household. creates furniture for cat lovers to bring us closer together.”

Why are they “placed far away from us”? If you’ve got the room in your home for this Loveseat, couldn’t you also place an existing cat treadwheel next to an existing chair? I’m a dog person, so if there’s cat person logic going on here, I’m probably not grasping it.

Going for $500 on Kickstarter (and expected to retail for $650), at press time The Loveseat was more than halfway there on a $20,000 goal, with 30 days left to pledge.

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