Cariuma teams up with Mike Vallely for 100% vegan shoes

In a partnership between lovers of nature, shoe brand Cariuma has coordinated with Mike Vallely, a legend in the skateboarding world, to develop a 100% vegan shoe that pairs well with a skateboard, a night on the town and at a PETA gathering.

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Cariuma isn’t new to sustainable materials, but is excited to expand their offerings to include the Mike Vallely x Cariuma sneaker. It represents the first product rolled out with the newest addition vegan suede. According to the company, the high-performance material is, “Tough like [Vallely]. This innovative material is 2.7X more resistant than animal suede, and was formulated and developed to create stellar performance and durability.”

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In an industry plagued with headlines around dirty manufacturing and long-term post-consumer waste, the Mike Vallely x Cariuma sneaker offers an earth and animal friendly option. 

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Although it clearly has feet on the ground in its concern for the environment, Cariuma didn’t stop at dabbling in environmentally-friendly materials here and there. In fact, they’ve recently achieved B-Corp certification, a process that ensures a dedication to the planet at every step of material selection, production and sales. The company reports being the first skate shoe company to earn B-Corp certification.

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Tuning into the stylish trends Vallely has influenced throughout his career, the contrasting materials and details on the skate shoe mirrors his not-so-subtle style on the board and in front of the mic as lead vocalist for the band Black Flag. 

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“The must-have for this shoe was for it to be free of animal-based materials yet still be tough and long-lasting,” said Vallely. “We’ve sourced some excellent materials for this shoe, namely vegan suede and recycled nylon that make the shoe strong, light and give it a reduced carbon footprint.”

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Durability was an important aspect of the design in an effort to ensure a long and useful life, even standing up to the elements on the street. But the team was able to maintain the longevity quotient in conjunction with a recycled mesh lining and recycled webbing, featuring a natural rubber-reinforced outsole. 

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The shoe also features a plant-based insole made with Mamona oil. The laces, threads and labels are all made from recycled materials. These combined efforts are leading the shoe for Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification.

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