Careers Counsel | How to Obtain a Pay Rise

Employee Discussing Pay Rise. Getty Images.

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How to Obtain a Pay Rise (Financial Times)

Research the distribution of pay across job types in your company or gather this information from your network. Use this data to help you navigate a conversation with your manager [in regards to your pay].

How to Succeed Quickly in a New Role (Harvard Business Review)

[Those] most productive, innovative and engaged in new roles are those who establish extremely broad, mutually beneficial, uplifting connections from the start. […] Act as quickly as possible to discover the informal org chart of key […] opinion leaders who are able and willing to help get things done.

7 Tips on Leadership (Entrepreneur)

Technical skills are great, but it’s people skills — your ability to inspire and motivate — that will help you the most. The higher you go, the more critical they become.