Careers Counsel | 10 Ways to Discuss Weaknesses in Interviews

Employer in Interview. Getty Images.

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10 Ways to Discuss Weaknesses in Interviews (Business Insider)

Lack of confidence is a common weakness in the workplace. But this lack of confidence can have an impact on the overall performance of the company. […] If this is your weakness, emphasise why you value trust and the ways you are working to overcome this fear.

How to Lead Authentically (Forbes)

Emotionally intelligent, authentic leaders know how to be chameleons. They can stay true to their story and values while making small changes to their behaviours and tone. For example, you may behave differently speaking with a subordinate than in your performance review with your manager.

How to Address Employees Not Wanting to Work in Person (The Cut)

If there are specific work-related reasons you need someone to come in, talk with them about that work need. But if your desire is more amorphous than that — […] you’ve got a professional obligation to broaden your perspective and see that your staff may have circumstances and opinions that are different from yours.