Bananas: Footage of Marines Boarding a Ship Using Jet Suits

Gravity Industries was started by Richard Browning, an engineer descended from a line of pilots and with personal experience in the Royal Marine Reserves. It’s a strange name for a company dedicated to fighting the definition of their own name; the UK-based company manufactures and sells Iron-Man-like jet suits that allow individuals to fly.

After years of development, Browning’s jet suit design–which first flew in 2016–is ready for prime time. Here’s footage of Royal Marines successfully conducting a ship-boarding exercise while wearing the suits:

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It’s crazy how effortless it looks; it’s also incredible that they can take off from the boat without torching it. I expected to see flames, not pure thrust, coming out of the jets.

If you’d like to travel out to Gravity’s facility in Goodwood, UK, and if you’ve got £2,000 (USD $2,800) to spare, you can fly in one of their suits yourself.