Architects build contemporary estate in Poland around an established garden

Instead of purchasing expensive, large trees to place around a newly built residence, this property’s owner decided to reverse the traditional order of home-building by landscaping before building the house. The client planned and planted the garden, letting the plants establish themselves and reach their full potential before even beginning construction. This way, he could enjoy the landscape right after moving into the Polish estate, rather than waiting for the plants and trees to reach their target size.

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white and gray home surrounded by trees and shrubs

Foliage can provide better air quality in the urban setting. Not only that, but waiting until the trees and shrubs have reached their full height provides more shade cover, reducing energy costs for the home. As an homage to the unique progression of the project, the architects at KWK Promes decided to call it “From the Garden House.”

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trees growing around white home
garden full of trees and shrubs and a pond near massive white home

The home’s contemporary concrete facade gives it a gallery- or museum-style feel, complementing the owner’s extensive art collection housed inside. Modern architecture and smooth, clean lines continue from the exterior to the interior, all situated around tranquil, partially covered atriums.

lush garden near white home
gray living room furniture near curved glass wall

Conceptualized as a link between the two levels, the central atrium contains a rounded pond and stone pathway. According to the architects, because this section of the garden was already established, they treated it like a natural element that couldn’t be influenced or changed. Sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows surround the atrium, allowing for wide, natural views from multiple points of the house, including the indoor pool.

gray room with one glass wall leading to outdoor patio
indoor pool in room with glass wall overlooking garden

The designers included blank spaces on the walls to accommodate the owner’s art collection, as well as large shutters to the south and west to protect the pieces from harmful sunlight during certain times of day. As a nod to sustainability, the entire estate runs off alternative sources of energy.

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large white home near pond