A Sort of Attache Case for Carrying Live Fish

In Japan, birthplace of sushi, an unnamed inventor is developing a case to carry live fish. You can use it to “Bring the fish you caught or the live fish you bought at the market to your home!”

“Katsugyo” means “live fish,” by the way.

The most recent update, from May 1st, describes how the final design is intended to work. Here’s a machine translation:

“It is divided into two units, a water tank and a main body. When you put fish in it, remove the water tank, store the fish, then connect it to the main body and turn on the power. It feels like you can carry it around, so it’s relatively easy to use. Oxygen supply and water temperature maintenance are possible.”

The CAD file looks pretty different from the prototype:

The inventor says he’s still refining the design and performance, and “will
announce the functions and specifications of this product after it is completed.

“I also hope to provide an opportunity to re-examine what we are eating.”

If you’re curious to see how it’s loaded, click to the second frame of the Instagram post below.