10 thoughtful, eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas

Moms are notoriously easy to shop for; after all, who else would have saved a lumpy brown piece of clay that was supposed to be a bear you made when you were six? But this year, with a little thought, you can outdo yourself with something useful, thoughtful and eco-friendly. Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that Mom will enjoy every day.

lab-grown diamond necklace

Jewelry from Smiling Rocks

These lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds, without the ghastly effects on the environment and human health. Founders Zulu Ghevriya and Manish Jiwani have many years in the jewelry and diamond biz and want to do things differently. So when you buy their beautiful bracelets, rings and necklaces, you know that not only are you getting Mom a treasured gift, but some of the profits will go to scholarships for kids, medical services for under-served communities and animal conservation efforts. Smiling Rocks’ Carbon For Carbon initiative has already planted more than 84,000 trees.

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close-up of wood serving bowls

Salad bowls and serving trays

These gorgeous bowls are handcrafted from a solid piece of acacia wood. Does Mom like nuts? Dips? Salads? Pacific Merchants offers a variety of types of bowls. Each looks like a sculpture, and it is functional. Acaciaware is made from acacia wood. Its tight grain makes it resistant to stains, odors or water penetration, and it is safe for hot and cold foods. The acacia wood is responsibly harvested and longer-lasting than bamboo. In addition to being harvested in a way that protects rare and threatened forest species, Indigenous communities benefit from this forestry operation. Pacific Merchants Trading also participates in a tree replanting program to ensure sustainable development.

Habit Cosmetics

Habit Cosmetics is cruelty-free makeup made for all skin tones. Founder Aja Frierson says on the brand website, “As a woman of color passionate about both plant-based nutrition and makeup, I rarely saw myself represented at the junction of these fields in the clean beauty space. So with Habit, my goal was to create the all-around best clean makeup products.” All Habit cosmetics are vegan and come in sustainable packaging. The colors are designed to flatter a wide range of skin tones. And Habit prides on giving a little extra in its products, such as adding myrrh extract for nail strength into its nail polish. Habit also donates 40% of retail sales from certain shades of nail polish to charitable causes.

Sustainable clothing

Christy Dawn’s Deadstock Collection features clothes made with deadstock fabric, destined for landfills, that is turned into something new and beautiful. It Mom ever told you “Waste not, want not,” consider buying her the Dawn jumpsuit in turnip-colored linen or the flowy Daisy dress in a terracotta meadow pattern.

DIY butterfly feeder

Butterfly feeder

Does Mom need more butterflies in her life? Are you crafty? If you answered yes to both these questions, consider making her a butterfly feeder. Wine bottles, jars and plates are materials you can intercept from your recycling bin or the landfill and make into a butterfly hub. Here are some ideas from DIY & Crafts. Did you know butterflies like to drink Gatorade? Here’s the lowdown on what to put in your new butterfly feeder from Butterfly Fun Facts.

platter of cheeses and fruits

Vegan charcuterie board

Also on the DIY front, why not make Mama a delicious vegan charcuterie board? Depending on her tastes, you could include specially made vegan cheeses, bread, fruit, jams, nuts and some really good dark chocolate.

Conscious Step socks

Not only are these gift boxes from Conscious Step stuffed with vegan, fair-trade, organic cotton socks, but you can personalize them to support Mom’s favorite cause. If she’s a wildlife-lover, you can choose the Down Under box, which supports Wildlife Warriors in Australia and features orange kangaroos on gray socks, light blue crocodiles on green and koalas on light blue. Tree-hugger moms will like the Socks that Plant Trees box, which features green and heather socks and supports Trees for the Future.

glass of wine by pile of books

Sustainable wine

If you have a wine-drinking mother who appreciates sustainability, Dry Farm Wines offers one-off or subscription wine boxes. Choose from three, six or 12 bottles of red, white, rosé or sparkling wines. Dry Farm Wines sources organic, natural and biodynamic wines from around the world.

white tea mug and loose-leaf tea

Tea strainer mug

This all-in-one tea maker and mug is handmade in Nepal and brought to you from Ten Thousand Villages. It uses loose-leaf teas, which avoid the waste and microplastics caused by teabags. Fair-trade organization Sana Hastakala, which means “small handicraft,” works with independent producers, who make these mugs in rural Nepal.

Yoga mat made from old wetsuits

As the popularity of yoga has increased over the last 20 years, so have the mats piling up in landfills. Mom will feel good about doing downward dogs on a mat made from recycled wetsuits. The SugaMat is 5mm thick and comes in regular or extra-large lengths. Buy her the SugaMat Cradle to Grave, and she’ll have a mat for life — if anything goes wrong with her SugaMat, the company will replace it.