10 key trends confirmed at Afropunk Atlanta 2021

10 key trends confirmed at Afropunk Atlanta 2021

As parts of the world return to in-person festivals, we are excited to bring you a series of festival coverage. We begin in Atlanta with Afropunk, an annual festival at the intersection of music and art that celebrates the union of Black pride and punk rebellion.

Held from September 25-26 2021, Afropunk opened its doors with a line-up dedicated to Black artists, including Wale, Yung Baby Tate and VanJess. Attendees’ high spirits shone through, as they were not only festival-ready, but also photo-ready. Without further ado, let’s delve into Afropunk Atlanta 2021.

Key apparel trends

#animalprint #snakeskin #trueleopard #zebra

Festivalgoers satisfied their appetite for animal skins, proving that this failsafe classic can be applied to a myriad of clothing types. Be it leopard, zebra or snake, the prints come in colourways that play to the respective animal’s natural skin. Cutouts provide a bold update, also offering an opportunity to add lace-up detail for bralettes or bodysuits. Offer this must-have pattern in ranges to entice consumers to wear in top and bottom combinations, or even from head to toe.

#craftcore #motifs #butterflies #florals #beads #fringing #nodtonostalgia #deadstockdesign

Creative energy was channelled into outfits, showcasing looks that reflect two elements of craftcore: a homemade aesthetic and a burst of colour. Use craftwork as a vehicle of self-expression via #motifs such as butterflies and florals. Alternatively, combine beading and fringing to give a subtle nod to nostalgia, as the technique is reminiscent of DIY jewellery kits. Tap into the opportunity to use deadstock to refresh styles.

#openwork #layering #beyondthebeach #jewellerification

While ideal for beach to bar, openwork structures can go beyondthebeach to festivals. Full-length silhouettes lend themselves to layered looks, while intricate pieces can stand as mini separates on their own. Pay attention to the use of jewellery, elevating the aesthetic to the next level.

#noir #blackwithblack #gothlite

Attendees embraced all-black ensembles, each offering a contrasting mood. Make use of the versatility of the colour to portray different aesthetics, from dark and brooding vibes in a gothlite look through to sheer fabrics for a luxe feel and a shoulder piece paired with combat boots that brings to mind a female warrior.

#waxprint #consciouscrafting #leveragethelocal

Not to be missed are outfits that pay homage to African-inspired wax prints. Work with artisan communities to leverage the local, giving them the respect they are due as well as highlighting local heritage.

Beauty editor picks

#dopaminebrights #seaweedgreen #magmaorange #aiaqua #pinkguava #afropunk

Dopamine brights are making waves in beauty as people search for mood-boosting colours to add joy to their beauty routines. Afropunk was overflowing with bright tones of Seaweed Green, Magma Orange, A.I. Aqua and Pink Guava adorning eyelids and dyed hair.

#byebrow #afropunk

Called out as a beauty trend for A/W 21/22, #byebrow was a popular choice. Bleached eyebrows give the illusion of no brows to make room for bold make-up looks. The trend was paired with winged eyeliner, glossy lips, warm smokey eyes and face jewellery.

#metallicindulgence #facecanvas #artinbeauty #newwave #teardrop #sparklingsurfaces #afropunk

Festivalgoers got experimental with creative beauty looks. As part of the bigger face canvas trend, a New Wave eye look was created using a light metallic blue outlined in black and white eyeliner, mimicking ocean waves. Furthermore, the reappearance of the teardrop trend emerged via sparkling surfaces and body glitter. Other looks included a variety of painted faces such as a clown-like creation.

#beautifullybizarre #gardenparty #90snostalgia #hairaccessories #afropunk

Obscure hair accessories dominated hairstyles. From sporadically placed safety pins to nostalgic 1990s hair clips, these beautifully bizarre accessories are all about maximalism and self-expression. A trend first spotted in fashion, Garden Party aesthetics also carried over into beauty with butterfly and floral headpieces.

#letsparty #embellishment #embellishedbrows #facejewellery #afropunk

Embellishment has been a popular trend we have been tracking in beauty since early 2020. Tapping into our Lets Party trend, gemstones are the perfect face accessories to create a high-glam look for festivals. A trend called out in S/S 21, embellished brows appear at Afropunk this year, alongside others who experiment with the tiny colourful gemstones on eyelids.

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