Our tradition is to innovate.

Diseño Yucatán has established itself as the nucleus of the Innovation Ecosystem of the State of Yucatan, seeking sustainability through their initiatives, strategic financial management, while cementing and deepening design application to increase economic and social competitiveness.

The Centre drives and supports the elements of innovation units and specialized design for the economic and social sectors, built-in consensus with companies and social organizations, and that’s how the Yucatan Design Centre aims to drive, promote and motivate Content Innovation.

The Center is a strategic alliance between POLI.design funded by Politecnico di Milano and Secretaría de Innovación, Investigación, y Educación Superior, that through a participatory method of co-creation, learning by doing and participatory design, defines, guides and organizes innovation initiatives that boost the competitiveness of Yucatan and its region.

The Centre is divided into four phases:

  • Define Program Value Realization
  • Strategy for brand identity
  • Define and develop pilot projects to build methods of approaching solutions in various areas and thus creating a catalogue of good practices.
  • Define a sustainable management model

In this first stage, the Centre operates within a virtual structure through a web system offering training and consulting services, information and links.


Diseño Yucatán is an initiative by the Government of the State of Yucatan, backed by SIIES and POLI.design, which seeks to promote design as a fundamental strategy for innovation, through the establishment of public policies that promote the broadest participation from the public and private sectors in order to promote services, training, research and provide information to drive design through a sustainable management model.

 Vision 2025

Diseño Yucatán is a national and international benchmark for the development of strategies that allow the highest level of performance to be specified, innovation processes sustained in a corpus, in a critical mass and in systems, solid, consolidated and sustainable in all the disciplines of design.
Diseño Yucatán is the main initiative to increase competitiveness in all economic and social sectors of the State of Yucatan and its region.

Scientific Coordination Project


Raúl Humberto Godoy Montañez

PHD in Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry from Newcastle University (United Kingdom). He was the Secretary of Education of Yucatan from 2007 to 2015 and is currently the Secretary of Research, Innovation and Higher Education of Yucatán Government.

Riccardo Bello Bollo

Professor and General Director of SIIES, Educación Superior de la Secretaría de Investigación, Innovación y Educación Superior del Gobierno del Estado del Yucatán. He is the leader of the project “Diseño Yucatán” with POLI.design.


Giuliano Simonelli

Professor of Industrial Design at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano and President of POLI.design. Scientific Director of the project “Diseño Yucatán”. In charge of many national and international projects of innovation transfer in the field of design.

Venanzio Arquilla

Associate Professor af the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, Secretary of the Bachelor Degree on Product Design and the Master Degree on Product Design for Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano - School of Design; coordinator of UX Design and APP Design & Development higher education course at POLI.design.

Giovanni Maria Conti

Ph.D, Associate Professor in Fashion Design, deals with the dynamics of innovation in the textile, knitwear and fashion sectors. He is Director of the Specializing Master in Fiber Design and Textil Processes and Scientific Coordinator of the website/blog www.knitlab.org.


Paola Galdi

In charge of International Affairs of POLI.design, specialist in design and management of international projects with a focus on the extra-European Countries. Project Manager of the project “Diseño Yucatán”.

Martina Motta

Ph.D, MSc in Design for the Fashion System at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis in Knitwear Design, her Ph.D. research work focuses on the connection between Knitwear Design as a discipline and as an industrial excellence of Made in Italy. She is also involved into research and didactics in Fashion, Knitwear and Graphic Design.

Rossana Gaddi

Visual Designer. She is Ph.D. in Design and technology for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage. She is involved in researches and didactics about communication design and about culture and fashion system enhancement related to territory.

Davide Genco

Designer skilled in User Experience for digital products and services and Technical Director of the Higher Education Course in User Experience Design and APP Design and Development at POLI.design.

Alicia Navarrete Alonso

Degree in Communication, with special interest in the development of languages. As Coordinator of International Affairs of “Dirección General de Educación Superior” she has been actively involved in the development of “Diseño Yucatán”.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the Center will be defined step by step and will be composed of representatives of the entities belonging to the network of the center as well as representatives of the business and professional world.

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