urban society builds a public shared space using modular scaffolding in seoul

By 28th December 2019International News

architecture studio, urban society, has created a series of temporary pavilions in seoul to provide a public shared space during an art fair event. the structure of the pop-up installation has been formed using a system of scaffolding, affording ease of assembly and disassembly. constructed for a contemporary art market of young artists, the architects, who participated in this fair since last year, have reinterpreted their 2018 pavilion using the same materials.

‘the bench’ installed between the exhibition buildings in seongsu-dong, seoul

all images © namsun lee

this year, the art fair venue expands through exhibition buildings within the site and is held at different locations from seoul to gyeonggi province. with this in mind, urban society aimed to create a spatial experiences that links outside space and uses an easy combination of modular design. as a result, the pavilion comprises four types: the gate, the public bench, the communal table, and the theater depending on its location.

‘the gate’ installed at the back door of a building in seongsu-dong, seoul

the gate is installed on the back door of a building with the high structure and LED lighting to notify in a visible way. the bench installed between exhibition buildings is used of public seating which can talk and relax face to face with visitors and the communal table and the theater as the biggest one installed on a rooftop of the exhibition building are used of a public dinner, a performance stage and a meeting place.

night view of the temporary pavilions in seongsu-dong, seoul

one of the great attractions is the fact that the installation shows the different atmospheres even though the architects used the same materials depending on where the fair is held. while the fair in seongsu-dong, seoul, filled with small factories, shows a dynamic atmosphere in the city, the fair in suwon, gyeonggi province, where the former university site was recreated as a local cultural space, shows images of a cabin hidden in nature.

‘the communal table and the theater’ installed for multi-purpose in seongsu-dong, seoul

the main entrance of the exhibition venue

the modular scaffolding pavilion has been adapted to a new exhibition site in suwon, gyeonggi province

the temporary pavilions in gyeonggi province

the temporary pavilions in gyeonggi province

the temporary pavilions in gyeonggi province

the night view of the pavilions in Gyeonggi Province

3D rendering of the site

3D rendering of the site

project info:

project name: temporary pavilions for union art fair 2019 seoul

venue: s-factory (seongsu-dong, seoul) / space 1984 (sangsang campus, gyeonggi povince)

location: seoul and gyeonggi province, south korea

architect: urban society

design team: jaechan yang, minsun kim, heechul choi, junyeong heo, younseong hwang

photography: namsun lee

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom