Diseño Yucatán is a project that sees education and training as fundamental elements in developing specialised innovation and design enterprises for the local economic and social sectors.

In this first stage Yucatan Design, through the support of the professors and professionals of POLI.design, has carried out training and literacy seminars in Yucatan’s Universities and Chambers of Commerce, adding value on the theme of design in the chain of economic and social processes.

In the following stages, Diseño Yucatán intends to offer, through the network it has created with the universities and local entities visited during the two years of the project, more literacy and training seminars on the theme of design, so that the Yucatan Design Centre can become a virtual centre of local and international diffusion and connection for design in all its forms.

In addition, seminars and customized training courses may be required in consultation with the training offered by POLI.design POLI.

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Design Masters & Courses opportunities


Training, within the Fashion sector, aims to show the contemporary nature of the industry and the opportunities with which, today, fashion design is compared.
New materials, new technologies, sustainability and territory are the key words that today a Fashion Designer uses for a project, that goes from the research on the values and symbols of the territory, to the materials and technologies used for the production of a clothing collection, that finds in the Yucatec system and in its history a basin of extreme value.


Training in the Craft sector, taking into consideration the specificities of the local production system, intends to promote and encourage processes of Social Innovation and Social Business to foster the cultural growth of the context and of the actors operating in it.
Development of innovative models of network and services, work on skills and technologies to improve production, development of territorial brands and certification processes are the elements which could bring value to the country by improving the conditions of the artisans and their social, cultural and economic level.


Culture, traditions, artistic and environmental heritage, tourism, food and wine are all elements which strongly contribute to the attractiveness of a territory. The territory becomes a Brand and design can contribute to its development in a creative and original way.
Communication, Services, new technologies, social networks, storytelling are the elements which characterise the Training in this field where design becomes more and more important. In this sense, launching training projects in the cultural field means building new processes for managing heritage and cultural and social capital for the creation of new and more sustainable forms of business.

Industry 4.0

With the democratisation of technology in place and with the advent of advanced robotics and the phenomenon of digital manufacturing, the way we produce and consume is radically changing. Models of hybrid and diffused production begin to appear on the contemporary scene, technologies which are more and more affordable and available to all seem to be able to open up new scenarios.
To face these opportunities in the best possible way, culture and design are necessary: ​​culture understood as the set of skills to develop and control the system of machines and their operation, a project to foresee new production methods and new uses of this technology.


In 2017/2018 several seminars were held in the main Schools and Universities of Yucatán.

We talked about the value of design for the innovation of companies and territorial systems and of Made in Italy.

Seminars were also organized with entrepreneurs in collaboration with CANACINTRA and CANAIVE.

Diseño Yucatán, thanks to the collaboration with POLI.design, can organize seminars and events for every need and on the main themes of design innovation.

Organizing a seminar for your company/institution

Diseño Yucatán thanks to the collaboration with POLI.design can organize tailor made seminars and events about all the topics related to design and innovation.

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