Diseño Yucatán intends to promote a mature and coherent approach to design innovation. Each design innovation project, following a consolidated methodology of POLI.design, starts with a Design Audit.

The Design Audit is a process of analysis and evaluation of the innovative potential of the company in terms of design. The process consists of a structured analysis of the company, carried out by a professional expert in the sector of company expertise who, after evaluating the skills, expertise and potential of the company in terms of design innovation, proposes one or more innovative processes which are feasible to the opportunities of the specific company market.

A good Design Audit is the starting point for every business innovation process and offers companies an objective measure of their innovative potential and of how to better target investments related to the company’s design innovation.

The role of Design Audit is also that of better understanding and valuing existing processes with a direct involvement of all company levels (co.design). Practising processes of business innovation often involves cultural changes and approaches which require awareness and internal commitment to achieve the desired results.

Thanks to the involvement of the Canaive (Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido Delegación Yucatán), in the experimental phases which led to the definition of the Centro Diseño Yucatán, 7 company audits were carried out, involving the companies Abito, Aleph Fashion Design, Esencia Maya, Fashion in love, CarusoRams CottonsVero Diaz, controlled by Prof. Giovanni Conti of the Politecnico di Milano, expert in the Fashion sector, in which different opportunities for the development of design innovation projects have been identified for each one.

Design Audits Positioning map

3 companies (Abito, Aleph Fashion Design and Caruso) followed up by activating specific Design Workshops in which 3 innovative collections (capsules) have been developed.

Case studies

16th July 2018


14th July 2018

Aleph Fashion Industries

16th June 2018



6th September 2018

Calzado of Ticul

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