The representation of brand values is something that can be hardly enclosed within an oral or written definition: corporate image has the task of representing this identity into an immediate and recognisable sign. Understanding how to summarize the identity of a brand through a name and a graphic sign is therefore not only a creative activity, but also research and definition of meaning.

Much of the image of which it is composed and with which a brand is defined springs out from an articulated and complex social and cultural context whose references are full of meaning to be simplified and transformed into something immediate, true and effective.

Diseño Yucatán, with the mentoring of acknowledged capabilities and professionals, is a centre that offers services not only to support the operational side of the creative professionals, but also related to the creation of the corporate image that can depict the brand identity.

Exactly as it happened in the “Diseno Yucatan” brand definition workshop, research starts from the roots of a territory, or from a productive or creative activity, to become an immediate, recognizable and above all easily understandable sign, even among different cultures and countries.


31st August 2018

Diseño Yucatan Identity Workshop