Inside the project Diseño Yucatán, the coaching activities take an important role, as they are fundamental elements for the development of innovative design products, services and processes for the local enterprises.

A first phase of coaching started, with the support of Canaive (Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido Delegación Yucatán), with three pilot workshops held under the guidance of professors and professionals from and involving three different clothing companies.

The same model can be proposed to other local companies and entities, in any sector related to design, which require the service of coaching on-demand provided by within Diseño Yucatán.

Please find here below more details about the modalities of collaboration between and the professional world:

Depending on the typology of company, on its history and its products, experts built with the local companies of Canaive tailor made pilot workshops that, through the creation of capsule collections of garments, could enhance the abilities of the participating companies in design, innovation and product-development processes, always oriented towards the valorization of the identity elements of Yucatán.

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