The workshop for the creation of the brand identity and the corporate image of the Yucatan Design Center involved 8 different Yucatan professionals, coming from different areas of creative industries as plastic art, design, architecture, fashion and university, led by professors.

As a first measure, the purpose was the definition of the general moodboard as a starting visual reference consisting of images, keywords and graphic signs representative of the Yucatan Region.

The images (and consequently the colors) that emerged were very tied to the tradition and to the natural elements that characterize the territory, while the keywords and the icons add reference even to concepts as innovation, networking and quality.


Two different models were used to define the emerging brand: the CBBE Pyramid (Customer Based Brand Equity) by Kevin Keller to analyze the potential consumer’s response to marketing actions, and the Kapferer Brand Identity Prism, which describes the complexity of a brand into six main assets to spot both the externalization of the brand and its recognizability in the eyes of the consumer, and the interiorization of the elementary values ​​of the brand, representing its culture and its intangible references.

Particular attention has been given to the abstractive design work on embroideries, and to the merchandising plan of the collection, with colour and material variations, cost sustainability, wearability and saleability.



Words strongly linked to the tradition (Naturaleza / Maya) emerged, as well as words related to the theme of innovation (Connection / Design).

The most common colors in the participants’ responses were yellow, green, red, purple and blue.

The graphic signs, in the same way as the keywords, strongly recall the classic Maya geometries (the truncated pyramid, the spiral of the Pux style of Uxmal, the Maya cross and the most typical decorative motifs as the stylization of the sacred tree representing life, the ceiba) and elements universally recognized as synonymous with connection and innovation (weave, helix, 3D sphere).

The final graphic proposals were 5, following the input aroused from the workshop of October 2017:


The triangle is a geometry very connected to the Mayan world
The graphics style represented in this graphic solution includes the words Yu and De (Yucatan Design) and refers to the tradition put as an innovation through the local territory’s updated valuation of excellence.


The letters Y, D and C are the acronyms of the full name “Yucatan Design Centre”; these repeated letters form a pattern that underlines the typical Maya geometries.


The typical triangular shape of the Mayan culture repeats and inverts to form a three-dimensional pyramid seen from above. This form is another geometry very connected to the Mayan world; a symbol of the deep architectural knowledge of this ancient town.


The letters Y and D, an acronym for Yucatan Design, join in a unique form of the “false arch or Mayan vault”, typical and extraordinary Mayan architecture.


The shape represents a sacred tree (the Ceiba) for the Maya, a symbol of the vital force and connection between the Supreme World (Heaven), the Land of the Living and the Underworld (Hell).

After an online evaluation between, SIIES members and all the participants, the option 1 was selected and developed.

Here as follows the final logo

Diseño Yucatan as a quality brand

The Diseño Yucatán brand becomes a quality label to be added to the products and services developed in collaboration with the Diseño Yucatán center. The goal is to bring innovation and quality into the Yucateco production system through a design process mediated by the Center.

First quality brand application

Una prima applicazione del marchio di qualità si ritrova nelle capsule collection sviluppate con le imprese Abito, Aleph Fashion Industries e Moliterno Caruso.

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